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About the grantLOVE Project
The grantLOVE project is an artist-owned and operated project that produces and sells original artworks and editions to benefit artists and arts non-profits.

Created by Los Angeles artist Alexandra Grant in 2008, grantLOVE is a symbol of artist philanthropy. Alexandra was inspired by the work of Paul Newman and the Newman’s Own brand as a form of lateral philanthropy, where a company sells products in order to generate profits to give to charity. To date, the sale of grantLOVE products and Alexandra’s artwork (prints, sculpture, etc.), necklaces and rings have raised funds to support multiple Los Angeles art projects and charities.

For questions/inquiries, please reach out to hello@grantlove.com. The grantLOVE team may also be reached by mail at Box 3424, 1001 Fremont Ave, South Pasadena, CA, 91030.

Beneficiary Organizations

18th Street Arts Center

Epiphany Conservation Trust

Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA)


LOVE House

Project Angel Food

Union for Contemporary Art

X-TRA Contemporary Art Quarterly


Introducing grantLOVE x Amber Sakai


Artist and grantLOVE founder Alexandra Grant is happy to announce a new collaboration with designer Amber Sakai. The new LOVE Candle Holder features Alexandra’s iconic LOVE symbol and is paired with Amber Sakai’s AMOUR candle.  The LOVE Candle Holder is 3 ¾” tall and 3” in diameter, made of 24K ...
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Introducing grantLOVE x Hartjess


Hartjess is Jessica Van Abeelen Melker based in the Netherlands. Jessica makes upcycled tote bags from an array of different fabrics, from used jeans to table cloths. A combination of new and used material ensures green production methods and overall quality and durability.  We are so pleased t...
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