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    • LOVE neon to support Angel Art and Project Angel Food

      Alexandra Grant and the grantLOVE project are pleased to support Angel Art and Project Angel Food. Grant created a unique color way of her LOVE neon in pink and black for Angel Art, which benefits the work of Project Angel Food, a non-profit in Los Angeles that provides food and...

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    • Blue grantLOVE x Zink Quilt to benefit Project Success

      This blue grantLOVE x Zink Quilt is a collaboration with Sarah Zink, a quilt-maker based in Fort Worth, TX. The quilt measures 52" x 49" and is made out of 100% cotton. To purchase: www.grantlove.com/collections/frontpage/products/grantlove-x-zink-quilt-to-benefit-project-success 100% of profits from this quilt benefit Project Success in Fort Worth, whose mission is to mentor...

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    • New grantLOVE x Alisa Ratner prints now available!

      Three new limited editions of letterpress prints made by Los Angeles artist Alexandra Grant with master printer Alisa Ratner are now available to benefit X-TRA Contemporary Art Journal.  The prints are available for pre-sale now, for shipping or pick-up at LFrank beginning on February 11th. We are having a launch event LFrank on...

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