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For over ten years, the grantLOVE project has partnered with artists, designers, printmakers, craftsman, and organizations to create limited-edition artworks based on Alexandra Grant's trademarked LOVE symbol. Each grantLOVE artwork and product benefits an artist project, arts education organization, or arts nonprofit. It is both a fundraising and a friendraising project, building partnerships and support between artists, non-profits, and community initiatives.

Amber Sakai

Amber Sakai is a designer, philanthropist, and 9th generation Californian whose eponymous lifestyle brand reflects her interests in exploration, growth, and wisdom.


Amber Sakai is a Los Angeles-based designer, philanthropist, and 9th generation Californian. Born and raised in Ojai, California, Amber Sakai is an avid patron to the arts. Her curiosity for exploration, growth, and wisdom have allowed her to bring her projections into fruition. This passion for discovery and adventure, reflected in her eponymous lifestyle brand, has inspired her to expand her creations into the world of scent development.

“Growing up in Ojai surrounded by all its beauty — the Topatopa mountains landscape, ​notes of cooling chaparral from a long summer's day meeting the sweet vail of citrus blossoms that line the valley's floor, and the spice of the pink pepper trees — wi​ll always resonate with why I chose to go down the path of developing scents and never escaping those nostalgic feelings.”

"Having had the privilege of growing up in a community with an abundance of artists and an open landscape with nature in every corner gave me a sense of infinite possibilities without restraints that was nurtured by creativity. I understand how imperative it is to have such exposure and influence and this is why I am passionate about having this opportunity to collaborate with the grantLOVE Project that supports such opportunities. To introduce and capture the marriage between artist and maker, we have teamed up with artisans in Lebanon to create a vessel with the LOVE symbol. It represents a gender neutral expression of love, a catalyst of light and the essence of illumination in all its forms."

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