When I purchase a grantLOVE item, where does my money go?

It depends where you buy it! 

If you buy it from one of our nonprofit partners, your money goes directly to the nonprofit. grantLOVE has donated the artwork or product to the nonprofit for them to sell and all profits from the sale benefit them.

If you buy a grantLOVE item from this website, we pay any artist fees for our collaborators and then pay costs for the materials and the production of the artwork. In this way, we've created job opportunities for our multiple artists, printers, and fabricators. Alexandra Grant, who owns grantLOVE, LLC also donates to numerous nonprofits from her royalties and other earnings, after taxes, from her art.

Is my purchase tax-deductible?

That depends where your grantLOVE purchases are made and how much you pay for them. If you buy grantLOVE works directly from a nonprofit, then the amount you've spent, if any, ABOVE the fair market value of the artwork is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. For example, if you buy a grantLOVE print directly from a nonprofit for $175 and the market value (established here on this website) is $150, the additional $25 you paid to the nonprofit is tax-deductible. Please consult the nonprofit and your tax advisor for more information.

If you buy grantLOVE art from this website, your purchase is not tax-deductible.

Is grantLOVE a nonprofit organization?

No. grantLOVE is an LLC, not a nonprofit or a charity. However, the owner of grantLOVE, Alexandra Grant, truly believes in supporting charitable causes. She regularly supports nonprofits personally, helping them raise friends and funds through the donation of grantLOVE artworks and products.

What is Alexandra Grant’s involvement?

Alexandra Grant created grantLOVE in 2008. She continues to provide vision, inspiration, and artwork for the project, and strives to encourage others to reach out to help artists and nonprofits. She believes so strongly in the community benefits of art that she personally donates to numerous nonprofits from royalties and other income she receives, after taxes, from her art to support various artists and arts-related nonprofits.

Has the grantLOVE project been targeted by online harassment?

Yes. grantLOVE, Alexandra Grant, and our community have, regrettably, been targeted by bullying, harassment, and defamation. This has included the creation of fake news and defamatory statements as well as individuals posing under aliases or anonymously seeking private information from or intimidating our customers.  We take these activities and threats very seriously and ask if you receive any such untoward communication, please do not respond and instead, forward to us at stopthehate@grantlove.com.