Sarah Zink

Sarah, a naturalized Texan and a professional quilter, embodies the phrase, “Why Not Have a BIG Life?”


As a naturalized Texan, Sarah embodies the phrase, “Why Not Have a BIG Life?” One of Sarah’s many passions is quilting, and she has been a professional quilter for many years, specializing in scrap quilting and art quilts. Sarah connected with Alexandra Grant when Sarah was the host of an online radio show, and was inspired to create her first “Love” quilt for an event that Alexandra was participating in to raise money for art programs for homeless youth. 


Since then, Sarah has produced several “Love” quilts. Sarah is an also international consultant, coach and trainer, focusing on communication, behavior and emotional intelligence. She is an author, blogger, jazz singer, competitive ballroom dancer and host of the “Sarah Says” podcast. Sarah founded “Sarah’s Bag Ladies” in 2017, which is a non-profit focused on converting used grocery bags into mats for the homeless.

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