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    Check out the Craft and Folk Art Museum's blog post:

    Love House proposal, black and white, 2008. 

    Metal: grantLOVE/Alexandra Grant

    LA-based artist Alexandra Grant is known for her large scale works that blend text and imagery towards (and about) conversations of translation. Her work is currently on view in My Self is An Other at the Underground Museum, a group exhibition titled after one of Alexandra's paintings. Her work, however, also travels around the world in a smaller and more discrete form - as grantLOVE jewelry.
    The design for the grantLOVE pieces initially came from one of Alexandra's sculptural installations, A Love That Should Have Lasted (below), and was also incorporated into the Love House proposal, (above). Scaled down and rendered in sterling silver or gold, the work takes on a new life as both wearable art and as a symbol of ongoing support to artistic and philanthropic endeavors in Los Angeles. A portion of proceeds from grantLOVE sales benefit local organizations, and to date have benefited Art of Elysium, Heart of Los Angeles Visual Arts Program, 18th Street Art Center, and more.
    A Love That Should Have Lasted and Second Portal (eye) at Honor Fraser Gallery, 2008.
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