LOVE: A Visual History of the grantLOVE Project available for pre-order!

LOVE: A Visual History of the grantLOVE Project available for pre-order!

We're so pleased to announce the upcoming December 6 release of a book on the history of the grantLOVE Project! You can pre-order through Abrams here:


LOVE: A Visual History of the grantLOVE Project

“This book is a reminder that while the world is a mess and getting messier, we are still here. We are creative. We are connected. And if we look in the right places, it is clear that a great many of us are blessed with an abundance of love. grantLOVE is one such example, and I hope it encourages every person who reads this to ask themselves how they will adopt an ethos of abundance in whatever ways they can.” – Roxane Gay

What is love? In LOVE: A Visual History of the grantLOVE Project, artist Alexandra Grant’s exploration of that question is documented through a retrospective of her journey engaging in civic art. In 2008, Grant began making editions of her art based on the concept of love and her trademarked LOVE symbol to raise money for arts projects and nonprofit organizations. This one-of-a-kind philanthropic art experiment became the grantLOVE project. 

In LOVE Grant explores how fundraising and art can effectively intersect by partnering with other artists, makers, and customers to support art projects and nonprofits. This gorgeous book offers a comprehensive history of the grantLOVE project—complete with paintings, prints, sculptures, textiles, jewelry, and architecture— and provides a visual meditation on what “love” is, as conceived by Grant and the numerous collaborators showcased. 

Compiling more than fourteen years of grantLOVE works and collaborations with partners including Oscar de la Renta, andSons Chocolatiers, Spanish illustration duo Cachetejack, nonprofit organization Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA), and more. LOVE: A Visual History of the grantLOVE Project invites readers to reflect on the confluence of philanthropy and the arts and celebrate building a community around the roles of love and empathy in contemporary art and culture.



Alexandra Grant is a Los Angeles–based artist who—through an exploration of the use of text and language in various media, including painting, drawing, sculpture, film, and photography—probes ideas of translation, identity, dislocation, and social responsibility. She is the creator of the grantLOVE project, which has raised funds for arts-based nonprofits, and her work has been exhibited at galleries and institutions across the United States and abroad.

Roxane Gay is a professor, editor, and the New York Times–bestselling author of Bad Feminist, Hunger, and Difficult Women. She is a contributing opinion writer for the New York Times. 

Alma Ruiz is a curator and senior fellow at the Center for Business & Management of the Arts, Claremont Graduate University. Ruiz has curated numerous exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) and internationally.

Cassandra Coblentz is a curator whose practice champions the artistic process and forefronts creating meaningful, engaging experiences for audiences with works of art.

Eman Alami, a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles, is a creative whose work explores the intersections between creative writing, philosophy, and visual art.