The 2019 grantLOVE awards!

We are very happy to announce the 2019 grantLOVE awardees: The Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA) Visual Arts, X-TRA Contemporary Art Quarterly and The Love House (through Fulcrum Arts). For over ten years the grantLOVE project has partnered with different artists, non-profits and their communities to create limited-edition artworks based on Alexandra Grant's trademarked LOVE symbol. It is both a fundraising and a friendraising project, building partnerships and support between artists, non-profits, and community initiatives. Through the sale of hoodies, prints, beach towels and other grantLOVE editions, we are able to make gifts of both artworks and direct donations to organizations. Thank you HOLA, X-TRA and Fulcrum Arts and to all our supporters for being such great partners!